We are excited to announce that Team Jenn Corp becomes Armanino LLP effective June 1, 2017. Read more about it in this press release.

Why Team Jenn Corp?

Easy answer:  It’s our mission at TJC to help small business Americans. We provide an affordable, and mighty, alternative to businesses that would otherwise hire a bookkeeper.  Start-ups can, and should, have a full-scale Accounting and Human Resource Department.   We provide financial statements that are both accurate and timely enough to help business owners quickly adapt to changing circumstances.   Small businesses must have scalable and powerful back office resources in order to grow: we are that powerhouse, and we are available to our clients 24/7.

We don’t live in your office, so you don’t have to pay for our lights, copy paper or legal sized manila envelopes. We are a virtual accounting department, with all of our own resources. We have our own fringe benefits and our own copy machine. Being outsourced means it’s cost effective for both of us.

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Our Culture

Team Jenn Corp integrates into the culture of our clients’ businesses. We’re not stuffy.  We look like a band of pirates when compared to the usual accounting firm.  Our clients sign on because they need an accountant or two, and as a bonus they get a team of fun people to hang out with.   In fact, that’s a large part of the reason people work with us.  The staff works hard and plays hard.  Our Founder, Jennifer McCabe, was a member of a U.S. National Skydiving Team once upon a time.  Other team members have spent their time producing music, marrying rock stars, traveling with the Indy race car circuit, skiing, skateboarding or surfing.

Our People

Our Clients & Success Stories

We have an excellent track record.  Check this list!
We’re proud to say that we knew ’em when they were ankle-biters.